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(Nobodies Child)

     A woman raised in a small town in Texas, born in 1925 in the year of 1950, was 25 years old. She met and married a man from Indiana, he being the of the age 35. How they met is untold.  The woman, Nadine, maiden name of Calhoun, was with child in the later part of 1949.  She and her husband James Virgil Drummond lived in Indiana at this time.  James Virgil  a construction worker, was killed two months before his only child was born.  A large piece of equipment fell upon him, and stole his life from him.  The grief stricken Nadine moved back to Texas to be near her family.  The doctor Nadine had seen in Indiana told her he would have to perform a cesarean on her because her torso was too small to give birth.  And as she relayed this information to her new doctor in Texas, he replied, "No."  "That is untrue, you will do fine birthing your child."  And so on April 15th. 1950 Nadine Calhoun Drummond passed away at the age of 25.  Her heart burst before the the doctor arrived to deliver her child. She laid for many hours in agonizing pain and I am sure horror, before her heart burst within her.  What she may have been thinking as her mother sat outside her hospital door waiting for news of the birth of her newest grandchild.  After Nadine's death, the doctor cut the baby boy out from within his mothers dead body.  The doctor told the boys grandmother your child is dead, and you have a healthy grandson.  No remorse was shown from the doctor, as told to this young boy, by his grandmother, in the years ahead.  And she swore to have smelled alcohol on his breath. It was understood, as the story's told, the doctor spoke words of unsympathetic jargon.  As Nadine laid there, in I believing, she knew that she was dying, I wonder of her last thoughts. Could they be of the child that still nourished within her.  Or of her husband who had left her a widow just months before.  One wonders if  they are together now, waiting for there child to be returned to them. Because for him, he always felt to be, nobodies child.

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