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                              The Solider In 1976

               It was the forth of July in the year 1976.  America's
200 th. Birthday.  All the children new this years fireworks
would be the greatest ever.  All through the day you could
here the popping of the firecrackers in a distance as if the
whole world was popping popcorn at the same time.  I walked alone, full of excitement, too the field which was holding the days festivities.  It was in a park, a few blocks from my home which I visit often.  Along my way I ran into a man who was wearing a green dirtied coat a long beard and hair passed his shoulders.  So strange I thought, Why would anyone have a coat on, on the forth of July.  The temperature must have been at least 95 degrees as I saw the sweat drip from his forehead.
The man did not speak as I glared at him, in fact he appeared not to notice me at all.  I felt sadness for the man as if could feel his pain and fear for that moment.  Suddenly, my voice spoke, without me knowing.  I  faintly remember hearing myself say, "Are you all right Mister?"  In those words, the man was able to see me. Instinctively, I  smiled up at him. "Sir," I repeated, "are you okay?"  He look at me and spoke these words.  "Yes, thank you, little Miss."  He said,  heart fully, as the the popping, screaming, and the squealing of the fireworks shot continually through the air.....